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1. Can I order from anywhere in the world?

Yes. You can order from anywhere of the globe. For your convenience, the entire process takes place over the Internet. That is why your location has no impact on our ability to provide you an affordable design service.

2. How can I place my order?

We have streamlined the entire ordering process. To order your design, simply fill out our online order submission form and submit.

3. What is the payment procedure?

PayPal, credit card and wire transfer manage our online payment.

4. Your prices are in US Dollars. What is the price in my local currency?

Prices can be converted in your local currency during the payment procedure. PayPal lets you convert the prices into Canadian Dollar, Euro or Yen prior to payment.

5. How will I know if my payment is accepted?

You will get a confirmation e-mail from our designing department.

6. How do I review my designs?

Via e-mail we will send you the designs. And you can send your feedback through e-mails.

7. What if I am not satisfied with the designs?

If you are not satisfied with initial designs, we will make necessary changes according to your wish, free of cost. Even after that if you are not satisfied, you get back 100% fees taken from you for this purpose.

8. How do I get in touch with you?

You can chat online with our sales executives or with the designers directly. Of course, you can email us, or to talk over phone, call +91.33.23576070

9. How will I receive my final formats?

You will receive your final design in zip format via e-mail.

10. What are the file formats will I receive?

EPS, TIFF, JPEG/GIF and PSD. If you need any other format, please let us know. We will design in that format for you.

11. What is the difference between a print logo and a web logo?

Print logos require a much higher resolution and need to be saved in print file formats, such as TIFF and EPS.

Web logos require a much smaller resolution (since they only need to be displayed on screen). JPEG/GIF is preferred web file format.

12. What information or materials will you need from us to complete the project?

We need to know your company’s activity as well as the philosophy behind it.
And if you have any idea or initial sketch, do not hesitate to communicate that
to us.

14. Who owns the copyrights of the designs?

After you finalize the design, you own the full copyright of the design and free
to register it.

15. Is it possible to redesign my existing logo?

Yes. If you have an existing logo, we can revamp it. Please ensure to indicate on the online form that you currently have a logo.

16. Do you keep my designs in a file incase I lose mine?

Yes, we keep a back-up.

17. Do you give discount to fundraisers / NGO's?

Yes, we give discounts to NGO's, fundraiser and charitable organizations. Please contact us with relevant details

18. Why does the color look different when I print it?

Your personal printer doesn’t use exact colors that you see on the screen. You have to calibrate your printer with the screen first for the best match.

19. Are designed e-mails large and heavy files and slowing down systems?

We will do our utmost to avoid this. Though technically everything is possible, it has to be functional. On average we aim at a designed e-mail message of 15 KB.

20. Can images be changed in my designed e-mail?

Images can be interchangeable within the basic design. Please inform us if you want to change the design.

21. Will each receiver see the same designed e-mail on the screen, regardless of browser or operating system?

During the design process we seriously consider this issue. Therefore, we can guarantee that receiver will display the properly styled e-mails. If the receiver does not support your e-mail design, it will be displayed as a normal message without your company logo.

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